5 Useful Social Media Tools To Make Your Blog Look Good

With millions of users posting and sharing messages on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, your social media marketing campaign can easily go haywire. It’s crucial that you plan your marketing strategy early and effectively. But when it comes time to really scale up your social media efforts, you require something extra. Thankfully, you cannot easily dominate social media by just having a few key social media tools in your social media marketing arsenal.

Uses of Social Media Tools

  • Schedule posts at the right time. One of the most effective social media marketing tips out there is to post on social networks at least every day. The scheduling function on many social networks lets you set a target time that you want your posts to appear. Use these tools to schedule posts in advance, and monitor how effective your campaigns are.
  • Manage marketing accounts. Most social media marketing tools also have the ability to manage multiple social accounts. Having the ability to manage several social accounts lets you take care of what’s important and eliminate the clutter by only posting the most important things on each account.
  • Find more content to spread. In addition to posting the most important posts, you also have the option of pushing less important items to your social media platforms. This gives you plenty of time to work on other things, or to reply to the posts that attracted your attention. Push less important items to your main marketing platforms. This allows you to maintain a higher presence within the social media marketing communities while creating plenty of content to push.
  • One of the best social media tools available for scheduling is the ability to schedule posts. If you can’t make it to a scheduled post due to an important meeting, you can easily change it. You can also easily cancel or rearrange your social media campaigns at any time. By using scheduling tools, you can ensure that your social media marketing efforts remain fresh and effective.

Top Social Media Tools

These tools can help you schedule the times that you post and promote your products and services.

  • AudiSense:

AudiSense is a social media platform that allows you to identify the interests and needs of your target audiences. Once you’ve identified who your target audience is, you can tailor your social media efforts to those interests. By tagging certain information about your business, you can ensure that it will show up on the search results pages and in the results of the search results.

  • Automated Quuum:

For marketers looking for a great social strategy, there is nothing better than using automated tools to help them with it. Quuum comes to the rescue by letting you schedule posts, manage subscriptions and track any other social strategy you might be using. Since it’s hosted by the WordPress core, it’s compatible with WordPress blogs and even auto categories.

  • Qwaya:

This WordPress plugin automates any number of tasks, including adding, editing and removing tags. It has the capacity to generate HTML from an RSS feed and can be used with any plugins you’re already using. It’s also highly customizable so you can use the plugin to tweak it to suit your own campaigns. This plugin is free to download.

  • Social Inbox:

A social inbox widget is a must if you want to take full advantage of social media marketing. It shows the user exactly which conversations are going on in any specific group. You can also set keywords for search engine crawlers and send notifications. Lightroom is compatible with this tool.

  • Social Bookmarking Tool:

The social bookmarks tool allows you to organize bookmarked sites into categories so that you can tag them easily and visit them in quick succession. Like the Google+ social media sharing plug-in, it is fully customizable and has the capacity to track your social media followers, share buttons and thumbnails. Lastpass is compatible with this tool.


There are many more plugins that you can find so if you are planning to implement every social media marketing tool, make sure you have them installed as well. It is possible that they won’t work or you may find other issues with your plugin. In this case, you will simply download the replacement one and apply it. This is simple and easy. Lightroom CC is free to download from the internet.

If you are looking for an AI-based social media platform, O-Net by ONPASSIVE is an ideal tool. To know more about the tool, contact us.

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