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Artificial Intelligence Applications in the Real-World


AI technology is being rapidly adopted in many industries and applications. One of the fastest adopters of AI technology is banking. With AI-based systems, banks are able to detect credit card fraud and other anomalies. The Indian bank HDFC has developed an AI-based chatbot, EVA, which has answered more than three million customer queries and has conducted over half a million conversations with customers. This chatbot has learned from thousands of sources to deliver simple answers in less than four seconds. In the real-world, AI techniques has found many uses. Let’s have an overview of how AI is being utilized in several industries/sectors –

  • AI in the real world is in the gaming industry 

Video games are a perfect example of  AI techniques in the real world. Game developers have implemented AI in their games to create more realistic characters and better recommendations.

  • AI in Chatbot

Chatbots can be programmed to respond to a variety of questions and give recommendations based on a variety of factors. AI integrated chatbot such as O-Chat has ability to instantly respond to customer requests and help them resolve their problems with its Natural language processing.

  • AI in Human Resource

In human resources and recruiting, AI can be used to screen resumes, predict success in a given role, and analyze weeds. It can even automate repetitive tasks like drafting emails or making phone calls.

  • AI monitors employee data

AI helps improve employee productivity. This means that employers can reduce their time on hiring and training employees. Moreover, AI-powered robots will be able to detect obstacles in the path of human opponents and will be able to complete their tasks in a short amount of time. While these innovations are largely unimaginable for the real world, they will make our lives much easier in the future.

  • AI in financial services 

AI has become an integral part of the payment process in the financial world. From mobile payments to identifying fraud, AI is helping businesses solve various problems.

  • AI can help companies improve their customer service

There are numerous applications of AI in the real-world. With AI, companies can automate their chatbots and answer customer questions. Furthermore, AI can make automated decisions based on data that is collected from different sources. A computer that can identify patterns in data can improve financial advice and improve customer service. It can even provide personal information to people through social media.

  • AI in automobile industry

Automated systems and self-driving cars require data to compute and account for external data. These companies can provide better service to their clients and keep them happy. With AI, the car can automatically avoid collisions, and the company’s customers can trust the machines.

  • Amazon is another application of AI in the real world

The company uses its AI algorithms to predict customer preferences. This helps it offer products and services before a customer even clicks. This way, they can save time and money while providing a better service to customers. These programs are a good start for new technologies.


Artificial Intelligence is becoming a vital part of our lives. With the help of AI, we can do our jobs more efficiently. We can easily find a solution to our everyday needs. It isn’t only about the money, but about the time we invest in technology.

In the business world, AI is becoming a crucial part of the daily workflow. Intelligent algorithms have the power to increase the safety of the world. In the real world, AI is already being used in many ways. For example, it can be used to reduce commute times. People with long commutes will save a lot of money by using AI.

Additionally, it will prevent them from being influenced by hate speech. Many companies use AI in the real world, and these applications are just a few of them.  

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