Building and Managing Your Brand’s Reputation


Building and managing brand reputation is vital for any business. It is helpful to control your business, products, and services to be perceived positively by others. It is better to build a positive reputation for your business as it ensures that your brand will be noticed for all the right reasons. 

What is Brand Reputation?

Building a positive reputation is the best thing for your business to succeed in today’s world. Brand reputation encourages customer loyalty while increasing your sales and supporting your business. It is one of the easiest ways to get feedback from customers on your products and services. 

Building a robust brand reputation also involves encouraging people to give you positive feedback, including reviews and comments on various websites and forums. It helps customers engage with the brand and counters negative reviews as well. 

What are the strategies to build a brand reputation?

1. 24/7 Customer Support

Your business may operate from 9 to 5, but your customers will browse through your website, purchasing your products at all times of the day. Hence, it is better that you offer customer support that operates 24/7 for the benefit of the customers. It is always helpful for customers to reach you whenever they want with such customer service. If the customer service is for a limited time, it may result in a loss of revenue and potential customers. No matter which industry you belong to, if your customer service is good, your customers will return to you and may even recommend others. A positive recommendation is always good for a brand’s reputation. 

2. Feedback from customers

Always ask for feedback from your customers. In this digital world, all the information is at our fingertips. Before trying out new products or services, everyone searches the internet and reads the reviews posted on Google or Yelp. While providing good service is vital for any business, asking for feedback afterward can be very helpful in maintaining and building a positive reputation. 

3. Social media actions

Social media activities are one of the fastest ways to build a brand’s reputation. You must always post your business’s latest news and activities on social media platforms. Keep on interacting with your customers by replying to their comments. This way, the customers will have a personal connection with your business. A study showed that when consumers follow a brand on social media, their expenditure increases by 75%. Hence, it is better to be active on social media regularly. 

4. Support a cause

There are many social and environmental causes that a company can support to gain some positive attention. According to a study, if a company fund a charity or a cause, its positive image increases by 85%. Therefore, supporting good causes may improve your business in a significant way. There will be an increase in your brand’s reputation when your customers notice your support for a cause. You can choose any cause related to homelessness, wildlife, or sustainability. There are various options from which you can choose. 

5. Healthy relationship with competitors

Having healthy competition with your competitors in your field is pretty natural. But building relationships with your competitors may benefit your business. Joining forces with a rival may reach a larger audience and helps in collaborating to develop a unique product. Although it may sound like an unusual suggestion, working together to create something new can result in more exposure, customers, and a good reputation. For instance, when working with “competitors,” global brands like Microsoft + Intel and Vimeo + YouTube have experienced remarkable success.

Final Thought

The success of your business depends on the reputation management of your brand. Almost all the elements of running your business are tied to how your customers perceive your brand. By implementing the right brand reputation management strategies, you can ensure your business is being noticed positively. 

People expect brands to engage them on social media, and it is essential to have a few strategies for the positive engagement of your audience. You must be careful while choosing a strategy for brand reputation, as it can increase your sales and positive sentiment towards your brand.

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