Crowdfunding – How to Get Investors and Customers to Love Your Business

Crowdfunding is an excellent way to kick off your business expansion and attract the attention of hundreds of motivated supporters. The reason why it works so well for small businesses is that it has the potential to leverage all the resources available on the web to attract more investors and members – thus creating a viral effect and exponential growth of your business.

Benefits of Crowd-Funding

So, what are the benefits of crowdfunding? Essentially, crowdfunding is drawing a large group of individuals together to give you a small amount of cash with a guarantee that once your business begins to operate profitably, they will donate money continuously to keep it going. In essence, it is like an investment because the money raised is not a one-time investment but a series of investments.

Use of Crowd-Funding in Small Businesses

What does this mean to your small business? With a high interest and low-risk loan, you can purchase or build equipment, expand into new markets, and even take advantage of new opportunities such as leasing. Because a crowd-funding campaign doesn’t require a down payment, small business owners can get the help they need for less money than a traditional loan from banks or private lenders. And with most crowdfunding programs, the funding generally occurs within 24 hours and most of the time within a week.

Using a small business crowdfunding campaign is a form of business investment allows you to reach people you would never have access to otherwise – people who live all over the world and have access to a diverse range of resources including Internet technology, business networks, and potential investors with disposable income. There is also the added benefit that you can use this funding to grow your business quickly and without much financial investment.

One of the benefits of a small business crowd-funding campaign is that it allows you to select the products you want to offer. You have access to a wide variety of pre-existing business models that have demonstrated their ability to generate sales while operating at lower prices than new small business models. By using a crowdsourced funding source, you are also able to receive custom quotes tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to make informed business decisions based on your limited financial resources.

In fact, with the right crowdfunding campaign, you may be able to cover your operating costs completely. In other words, a successful crowdfunding campaign could be a key ingredient in helping you achieve financial sustainability for your small business.

Another of the great benefits of working with crowdfunding platforms is that they provide a flexible rewards structure to attract customers and drive up sales. Crowdfunding campaigns can offer generous prizes to those who contribute cash and have their business capital raised by the campaign. The rewards may come in the form of discounts on selected goods or services or a percentage share in profits when the business opens for business. In some cases, rewards may be restricted to a first-time donation or may be based on the revenue gained from a sale. Depending on the nature of the crowdfunding campaign and the reasons for raising funds, the availability and type of rewards may vary.

Advantages of Crowd-Funding Campaign

One of the advantages of using a crowdfunding campaign to raise capital for a new business is that it provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to build personal relationships and create long term business relationships with potential investors. Typically, when you are just getting started, it’s difficult to secure a substantial amount of venture capital.

As your business develops and begins to grow, you may need to increase your investment amounts to purchase additional equipment or hire additional staff. Crowdsourced funding provides an alternative to these risks and allows you to obtain the financing you need without putting yourself at risk. In most cases, those who participate in a crowdfunding campaign are compensated only if they are successful in raising capital. While this method of business funding offers significant advantages, it is not appropriate for all types of small businesses and should only be used as a last resort.

Crowdsourcing is also beneficial for those who have experience and/or expertise in a particular area but lack access to capital for traditional startups. In most traditional business funding situations, entrepreneurs are required to seek outside funding as well as apply for financing within their company.

With a crowd-funding campaign, success depends upon the number of projects that you can raise and complete promptly. The more projects that you can raise and complete, the more likely you are to achieve your investment goals. However, with any crowd-funding campaign, it is important to remember that to be successful, you must be able to effectively promote your campaign to bring in capital from multiple sources.


By using crowdfunding as part of your business plan, you can help guarantee that your business will be successful. The best crowdfunding campaign provides the tools you need to market yourself and your business. In most instances, a successful crowd-funding campaign offers compensation to the people that help them get funded. This can often mean a percentage of the equity of the project or a small prize for each project successfully funded. Whatever the case, a crowd-funding campaign is an extremely effective way to increase the liquidity and value of your small business while increasing your market exposure.

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