Effective Customer Service Strategy Drives Business Success


Satisfied customers mean a successful business. Relevant and timely communication can help customers stay happy and satisfied. So, enterprises require establishing proper communication channels to maintain a good relationship with the customers.

Meanwhile, organizations’ notion that adding service channels would deliver effective customer service is wrong. Instead, work to reduce the live channels.

With the increasing customer expectations, customer service and support leaders are adding customer service channel options in the belief that these digital means would replace the costly live contacts. However, such a strategy is not working as intended.

Gartner’s research reveals that 56% of the service leaders are adding new channels to the existing ones. However, customers are still calling live support. The reason is that business leaders are dependent on self-service and service channels to attend to customer queries without any clear approach.

Growth in the customer channels enables users to use those channels. Consequently, resolving user issues turns complex as they have a chance to shift between channels very easily.

Customer loyalty is undoubtedly preserved and grows multi-fold by introducing new channels. However, the organization’s cost has increased, as customers have not stopped using expensive live channels even after introducing other self-service channels.

Self-service channels were introduced with the potential to solve most of the live channel queries. However, the studies conducted by  Gartner found that 70% of the customers are using self-service channels, out of which only 9% could completely resolve their issues.

Self-service resolutions are valuable for both users and organizations. A single step in a live interaction is not only time-consuming but also costs 80 to 100 times more compared to complete self-service. The service leaders suggest that 40% of live support concerns can be resolved using self-service channels.

As a solution, the significant essential is to create effective self-service channels;

One best means to enhance the customer experience not just lies in introducing channels but in bringing a shift in the service strategy, which primarily intends to prioritize live service interactions for the most important, urgent, complex contacts.

Expert advice suggests that live channels are the mandatory means. However, they need to be considered a precious resource reserved for those the company mostly cares about.

Here are a few significant guidelines of self-service strategy for service leaders to follow:

  1. Initiate  a self-service strategy prioritizing resolution, but not the option for channels
  2. Execute self-service capability such as product
  3. Execute confidence-building design to experience self-service
  4. Refine talent management practices for a robust self-service strategy

Why do you need to rethink your customer service strategy?

Businesses are interested in investing in customer self-service options to enhance customer experience, as they are the key to business growth. Experience has revealed what is working fine and what is not.

A robust self-service strategy can minimize operational costs, enhance customer experience, and increase engagement. Following are the few tips to implement:

  1. Mobile self-service should  be part of the self-service strategy
  2. Self-service should consider customer data insights
  3. All channels should enable consistent and relevant information
  4. Self-service potential should be cross channel
  5. A customer self-service strategy should be part of a more extensive and comprehensive strategy

Recommendations for an effective self-service strategy

  • The current digital business is forcing the service leaders to refine the existing self-service strategies.
  • Proper implementation of self-service strategies will allow businesses to enjoy cost-effective benefits
  •  Better use of customer data and diagnostic tools enables customer service leaders to give out personalized customer experience.
  • Ensure smooth channel transition
  • Welcome customer journey analytics
  • Implement automated customer service through automated call centers

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