How To Accelerate Business Growth And Success In 2021?


In 2021, how will we identify if a company is staying relevant? What will digital disruption look like? How will the workforce of the future adjust to changes in the workforce and technology? In this author’s opinion, I believe that these critical ways accelerate business growth and success in the next decade will be:

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation will continue to impact all industries across every business vertical. The pace of change is accelerating and will continue to take new technologies and business processes to the next level. To stay relevant in an increasingly digital environment, organizations must embrace and adapt to these digital transformations.

Companies will be at the forefront of digital transformation through innovation and digital technologies that will transform their business models faster, more efficiently, and relevant.


In the next decade, the majority of consumer buying decisions will be driven by e-commerce. To remain relevant and competitive in this rapidly evolving environment, organizations must embrace and adopt new technologies to create and deliver more dynamic e-commerce experiences that customers will find easy and convenient.

Companies will also need to address issues related to the security, privacy, and reliability of the e-commerce infrastructure and its client’s data. As the most crucial industry trend for the next five years, organizations will need to focus their R&D budgets and employee capabilities on developing critical solutions to building sustainable and attractive online store architecture.


Viruses, malware, and hackers are the key threats to organizations that rely heavily on e-commerce to facilitate the customer experience. These are the same threats that plagued businesses in the past, and they can present a significant challenge for enterprise security.

Companies will need to manage security threats and patch levels to make the most of their digital commerce offerings. In addition, they will need to ensure that their e-commerce application provides strong authentication to ensure that sensitive information cannot be read or accessed by anyone but the user.

Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP)

Mobile Enterprise Applications (MEAP) will be a key enabler of enterprise communications in the future. Its primary purpose is to provide mobile enterprise app compatibility with enterprise software applications. MEAPs will also reduce deployment costs associated with cellular devices that perform business tasks. In short, they will enable companies to leverage the full potential of mobile devices to streamline business processes further.

Enterprise Data Store

Enterprises will need to implement a digital customer database management solution to handle their entire enterprise data. It will include things like time clocks, employee records, contact lists, and more. It will also entail an online repository where all these items will be stored. The idea here is that the enterprise data store will allow easy access from any device, any time of the day or night.

This solution aims to facilitate easy access to pertinent information that will allow employees to do what they do best and bring value to the organization. For example, a customer service representative might enter a price quote into the digital customer database and then quickly and easily look up previous customer service experiences and request a review.

Workforce Management Solutions

We will see more digital disruption in workforce management. That means that there will be more efficient in managing the workforce, which will lead to increased profitability. In addition, there will also be a digital dash of collaboration between the employees and the management, and it will help reduce redundancy and improve communication between everyone.

Concluding Words

There are many other ways to accelerate your business’ growth and success in the digital age. The key is to ensure that you have all the tools in place before it becomes too late. You don’t want to be caught flat-footed with no tools to leverage digital technology to achieve your goals and objectives. It’s time to make your business a player in the digital world.

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