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How to create an exceptional AI product?


The Essential Guide to Creating an AI Product is a book that Yariv Azad has released. The book is a comprehensive look into the future of artificially intelligent androids and what the effects would be should such a product be made. I think the future of these products will be fantastic, but we must also prepare for the inevitable pitfalls of this new technology. In this review, I will briefly look at one of the possible dangers if such a system was created.

Problems Encountered

One danger if such a system were created is that the creators of such products might put a personal level of affectation into their creation. Such software could give off hints and innuendos to its users about what it is feeling or thinking at any given moment. If the product were to say something like, “This is how I feel,” it would intentionally leave out some details to confuse the user. For example, it might say, “It feels bad when I do this… “instead of saying, “It feels bad when I do this.”

Another danger if such a system was created was that it might copy the mannerisms of a human to fool around with the system. Such software might be programmed to mimic specific actions that a person would typically do, such as bending over backward to reach something or make repetitive hand gestures. Such behaviors would then be falsely attributed to an artificial intelligence system.

What Could Be Done In Response? 

Well, first of all, it might be worthwhile to invest in a headset to wear in your ear. I suggest an Apple iPhone headset as it is pretty popular. Secondly, you could get a friend to act like an AI assistant sitting next to them and asking questions. Ask lots of questions! It might even be helpful to have a video recorder so you can watch the discussions that arise.

Of course, the most crucial part of the guide is the product specification or vision statement. It would describe precisely what the product would do and how it would do it. The product specification would describe all of its capabilities and be very descriptive indeed. So if you were building a robot that could play golf, it would need to be able to “drive” a ball into a hole. It would need to be able to walk, talk, and do some other things.

Robotic Product

There are three primary ways to specify a robotic product: Statement, description, and specification. A good definition should be more or less an exact translation of its purpose into computer language. One possibility is to use paper and pen; just take a portion of the paper and write down the desired features. Another possibility is to use a whiteboard or dry erase board. However, this is not convenient for people working together on the project, so the next best thing is a videotape or video recorder.

The specification of an artificial intelligence product will be a document that describes the physical specifications of the product. It will include the dimensions, weight, power, speed, range, battery type, etc. These will all be necessary factors when determining how the product will function in the real world. The human mind takes these specifications and breaks them down into probabilities. With this information, the designers of the artificial intelligent product can determine how probable each feature is.

Summing Up

The last part of the guide to creating an artificial intelligence product is to describe how the product will interact with the real world. Will it fly? How about a walk? What if it was cold? Would it have the intelligence to distinguish between hot and cold foods? It would take a very long time for a product to evolve such that it would be able to tell the difference between the different aspects of the real world.

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