How to recycle your old technology?


The latest laptops, tablets, and smartphones come out each year. You could have them around you based on how you adapt to the latest technology. You upgrade it and leave the old gadgets behind. 

What do you do when your old laptops, computers, and smartphones have completed their life span? You consider it to be an e-waste heap. Though sad, this is what is happening in the current scenario. Before doing this, you must know some crucial details beforehand. Here they are :

1. Clean the data

Before you consider it e-waste, make your device free of personal data. Be sure you create a backup of the information before cleaning because you might require it in the future. Of course, your valuable data matters.

 After you have copied the information to another device, enable the restore factory setting to serve its next life. You should consider the smart TV free of your data before selling it.

2. Remove the important hardware

You can remove the hard disk and use it for another device. Else, you can install it in a Network Attached Storage (NAS) or utilize it as a desktop backup solution to enhance the storage space. Even the CPU, the motherboard, and the RAM can be done similarly. 

The same goes for Power Supply Units(PSUs) to be used for your new machine unless it is destroyed or broken. Lastly, the cable wires are as important to be reused for another machine without discarding. 

3. Sell the old technology

If your equipment is in good condition, it is time you make some money out of it by keeping them for sale. Your attitude to not adding the old stuff to the landfill will keep away your idea from doing so, and choose alternatives. 

4. Find a proper source for tech recycling

What if the technology no longer works and cannot be reused? The better option would be to choose a better recycling option. E-source is an open-source platform that leverages machine learning to enhance the opportunities for reusing e-waste. 

MacBooks, Apple watches, iPods, iPads, iPhones, and tablets are the various devices that can be recycled. 

List Of Recycling Platforms

Best Buy

Best Buy is a valuable source for accepting a wide range of technological products. If you place a new order, they will take your old items for recycling. Large electronic devices such as freezers, exercise bikes, microwaves, TVs, and dishwashers find a great option with BestBuy. 

Other technology products that Best Buy takes for recycling include the following :

Webcams, alarm clocks, GPS devices, memory cards, speaker systems, toner cartridges, calculators, radios, headsets, cellphones, memory cards, GPS devices, digital cameras, etc. 

Home Depot

What can be recycled using home depot? Home Depot explains how to safely dispose of electronics, dead batteries, and other items on its website. Usually, the services are for resident customers: cell phones, LED bulbs, nickel-cadmium batteries, rechargeable household batteries, and household alkaline batteries. 


Staples offers a free recycling option for old technology. The organization serves services such as driver pick up and pallet pickup, including the availability of prepaid address labels. The platform supports a maximum of 7 customers in a day. 

Staples enables the recycling of computers, cables, accessories, routers, laptops, tablets, webcams, toners, and inks, including other office items. 

Electronics Take-Back Coalition 

Though Electronics Take-Back Coalition does not directly deal with recycling, however can direct you to the appropriate resources. 

You can find the perfect sources for recycling smartphones, printers, keyboards, cameras, TVs, VHS players, etc. 


Earth 911 enables to search by the ZIP code and device to find the closest locations to give in the old phones. When you type ” where to recycle “on the organization’s website helps you get started with the process. 

Earth 911 works with various recycling centers and local waste sources. Not just limited to finding the recycling centers, the operations extend to see the types of materials accepted at a location, help know whether pickup or drop-off is available for residents and businesses, and more information. 


Recycling should not be considered complex. Of course, data backup takes time. The effort you put in is indeed worth it. Each amount that you save can create value for the environment you live. Hence, it is time you optimize the above sources to help recycle the technology.

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