SaaS Metrics that can help you get started with Customer Engagement


The first SaaS metric of SaaS Application that can help you determine your success is your customer engagement score. Your score gives you an overview of the overall customer satisfaction and churn rate. Customer engagement is different for every company, and you should determine which metrics are most important to you. For example, the number of logins per month is one of the best indicators of your customers’ level of engagement.

The next step is to understand how much each metric contributes to the overall score. This is a crucial step in customer retention as it gives you a better idea of how happy your customers are with your product. While some metrics are only valuable in the short term, others are beneficial to your business in the long run. For example, a high score will indicate a high level of customer satisfaction, while a low score will signal a poor product and low loyalty.

The second SaaS metric is Net Promoter Score (NPS), which helps companies determine whether or not their customers are loyal to their service. This score is typically calculated using simple survey questions about the likelihood of repeat usage and recommendation. This metric is especially valuable for young SaaS businesses as it allows companies to make necessary adjustments early in the process.

Customer lifetime value is a vital metric for any business. If your customer has paid for the service for a more extended time, their lifetime value is significantly higher than it would be if they had signed up for a free trial. By calculating the average lifetime value, you can determine whether or not your product or service is worth the money spent.

Customer engagement metrics can be an excellent tool for determining the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Many companies have different NPS metrics for their customers. Considering the median NPS of a company is a perfect way to determine how well your marketing efforts are working. For example, if you have a low NPS, your customer engagement metrics are not working. A higher NPS score indicates that your marketing is working.

While NPS is the most commonly used SaaS metric, this metric can help you understand how satisfied your customers are with your product. A customer’s NPS can be calculated by looking at the number of logins in a specific period. In turn, this information can tell you whether or not your product is successful. Then, you can improve it by implementing the changes you made.

Another critical SaaS metric is the customer lifetime value. It is essential to measure the lifetime value, and if they are satisfied, your company is in the right direction. Besides the lifetime value, it also provides valuable insights into how satisfied they are with your products. By tracking customer engagement, you will determine whether your product or service is sticky.

Customer lifetime value is the average lifetime value of a customer. This metric gives an overview of the total revenue generated by a single customer. It also provides a long-term perspective on your customer engagement strategy. The longer a customer stays with you, the higher your revenue. But if you have a high CAC, your customers will continue to value your product. If you want to know more about SaaS metrics, log on to 


Your customer’s lifetime value is the average value of a customer’s lifetime. Its length of time since the last visit is critical in understanding your customer’s needs and wants. If you can’t do this, you’re in trouble. Instead of focusing on retention, you should focus on improving customer satisfaction. Your customers will be more loyal if they feel that your product is valuable.

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