The use of chatbots and AI to transform your digital marketing



Chatbots and AI can help you convert those customers into sales if you have been trying to make more sales but have been frustrated by the lack of conversions. They are great for automating the initial contact with a potential customer. By capturing information on the customer, chatbots can personalize emails for specific users and deliver relevant content to their inboxes. Using AI can also help you select the subject line of your email, the content you share with your customers, and the messaging you use to reach them.

The best part about AI is that it’s accessible for small businesses. You can now build campaigns with AI and use it to influence your audience decisions and service needs. By leveraging AI and chatbots in your digital marketing, you can meet your customers’ expectations and grow your brand. 

AI chatbots

AI-enabled chatbots are available round the clock and can handle multiple queries. In one study, a bank’s chatbot capacity grew from 50 to 16,000 users in just two minutes, while the time required for a consultation was reduced from ten to two. It is a great tool for your digital marketing.  

AI enables businesses to create new ways to engage with customers 

Big Data can replace tedious manual analysis. Patterns and correlations can be identified to predict future trends. Besides improving customer service and reducing staff time, chatbots can also improve the way your customers interact with you. And chatbots are automated, time-saving and effective.

AI solutions for digital marketing

To be successful in digital marketing, it is imperative to target the right audience. AI can help you do this by analyzing consumer data, which allows the software to predict customer behavior and make the most appropriate advertising. Artificial intelligence can also assist marketers by predicting the likelihood of churn. The use of AI in marketing can also help in improving the segmentation process. While segmentation was once a necessary component of digital marketing, it is now redundant because of the power of AI. With this technology, you can use the suggested products feature on Amazon to make better suggestions. The AI can learn from your behavior and will adapt to each interaction. By utilizing this technology, you can personalize your experience with the company.

A major benefit of AI in digital marketing is the ability to personalize the message. Personalized messaging will help you build a rapport with your customers. Companies can use AI to create highly relevant advertising for each customer.

AI products automate the monotonous task of marketing, helps marketing experts streamline the sales process. By integrating AI, they can use real-time geolocation data to understand which products are most popular and which aren’t. Not only will they increase conversions, but they will also increase the number of customers.

AI chatbots monitors Big Data

AI-integrated chatbots can help you monitor consumer Big Data and analyze feedback. They can also help you optimize your website. By combining AI and chatbots, you can create an automated customer experience that answers questions and helps your visitors understand what your company is all about. These systems are a great way to transform your digital marketing.

Enhances customers’ interaction and experience

When used to boost your customer experience, chatbots are a great way to convert website visitors into buyers. Chatbots provide instant information, collects data on each customer need. For example, chatbots can provide an immediate solution for a user’s problem. You can also use AI to create a custom chatbot.  


AI and chatbots are rapidly replacing humans in every aspect of digital marketing. They can answer questions for your customers, guide them through a purchase, and collect customer experience data. They can even identify and target potential customers and approach them with personalized offers. Moreover, AI and chatbots use various technologies to make them more human-likeable and easy to use.

Using AI and chatbots to enhance customer service is essential in transforming your digital marketing. Personalized interactions can make your customers feel at home on your site, and they can answer a variety of questions. Your chatbots should provide answers to all their queries and make it easy to convert them into customers. If you are already using chatbots and AI to automate your marketing, they can help your sales team analyze customer data.

Many companies are offering AI-integrated chatbot as AI-powered conversational bot is easy to install and can handle large volumes of consumer inquiries. It can also be used to resolve a wide variety of issues. O-Chat is an AI-powered conversational chatbot developed by ONPASSIVE. 

ONPASSIVE is an artificial intelligence-powered business solution platform. It works as a virtual personal assistant, interacting with customers on their level. O-Chat can detect emotions during a conversation. It can detect a customer’s tone and sentiment and infer a solution based on relevant interactions. To learn more about O-Chat chatbot, contact ONPASSIVE.

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