Top Productivity Apps For Small Businesses


Running a small business entails managing a never-ending list of tasks and several – sometimes conflicting – priorities. Every small business owner knows how difficult it is to be organised, focused, and calm in the midst of it all. Fortunately, productivity tools make it simple to create a single centralised location where you and your team can do tasks. You can use the extra time you’ve gained back to focus on building your business and productivity apps satisfying your customers when you let these programmes handle the day-to-day busy work.

Locating The Most Effective Apps

It doesn’t have to be a never-ending quest to find the most significant business apps. The most excellent productivity applications are determined by which technologies would be most beneficial to your company. The most valuable low-cost time saving tools for most firms are time management, collaboration, reminders, scheduling, and staying connected with distant teams.

Additionally, small businesses gain from mobile apps since they fulfil the needs of today’s workforce. Today’s teams are frequently dispersed and portable, and they desire the flexibility to complete assignments or check-in as needed on their mobile devices. A robust mobile presence is crucial when picking a service to minimize production interruptions.

We’ve compiled a list of the most suitable business and productivity apps that might be a valuable addition to your team’s software solution set.

Top Low-Cost Time Saving Tools


Asana is a project management tool and corporate productivity app that aims to keep teams on track with their goals, tasks, and deadlines. Asana allows you to create projects, set objectives, and track progress by combining goal-setting with a deadline calendar. Asana is also an excellent task management tool because it will enable you to build separate boards on shifting tasks as they are done and communicate with team members in threads beneath each job. Project timelines and a team calendar view are some of the low-cost time saving tools available in Asana to help you visualise where you are in your project.

As a productivity tool, Asana enables small business owners to manage their critical tasks and goals in one location. It works with various office tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, G Suite, etc. Asana offers a free edition with limited functionality and Premium, Business, and Enterprise prices for larger enterprises who want more features for individuals who wish to test it out.


For many small businesses, Basecamp is the go-to collaboration tool. Basecamp is project management, team collaboration, and company-wide communication application. A to-do list, a message board, a schedule, a place to save files, and a “campfire” chat for general team discussion are all included in each defined project to help you better manage the process. The Basecamp model is built around threads. With just a short scan, you and your team members may stay up to date on the status of a particular project or topic.

Basecamp is more expensive than other options, but the business claims that the features and capabilities make it a better solution than combining multiple applications. For $99 per month, Basecamp Business is available., like Asana and Basecamp, is a platform that focuses on task organisation and provides a central point of communication for your team. You can quickly create tasks within a project and add steps to each group function. is a productivity favourite thanks to real-time activity updates and interfaces with third-party services. This programme keeps track of each project’s progress and develops knowledge bases where you may store papers and other project-related information. Small businesses can choose from a range of plans.


Trello is a beautiful productivity app for projects and tasks with a process. Trello requires the creation of boards and the dragging of various tasks between steps. It’s a simple, quick, and visual approach to see where your employees are in the process. You can assign each job to a group or label, add attachments, type messages, or assign it to a group or brand. Individual boards can also be created for each project. Trello offers a free version as well as commercial and enterprise plans.


Todoist is one of the most excellent time-management apps for iPhones and Android smartphones. Use gestures to start new activities and click them off when they’re finished for personal stuff that needs to be completed. Todoist Business is ideal for teams since it allows you to assign tasks to coworkers, set dates, and add details to ensure that everyone is on the same page. The company also offers remarkable visualisation capabilities, allowing you to see how far you’ve come on the many tasks you’re working on.


IFTTT is a service for small businesses that want to integrate more deeply with the many cloud-based applications accessible. IFTTT allows you to connect numerous apps and programmes to sync your gadgets and function together. You can use IFTTT to save new email attachments from Gmail to Google Drive. It may also be used to keep track of all your phone calls in a Google spreadsheet.


Slack is still an essential part of the productivity package for small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to communicate with their teams in real-time. Businesses benefit from the programme since it groups everyone (or chosen teams) into a chat room where announcements, discussions, and more casual talks can all take place in one spot. Many social media integrations are available in Slack. The leading service is free, with premium options for additional business-oriented features. On mobile platforms, Android and iOS apps can keep the dialogue going.


If you’re building a business, you’re constantly seeking new ways to get things done faster and better than before. Make sure you have the low-cost time saving tools and apps you’ll need to succeed with your startup or small business.

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