Top Technologies for Good projects


Technology has made our lives easier and simple. Furthermore, its influence on society is highly positive. The below information signifies how technology is making a difference in the world. 

Helpful Technologies Tools 

Technology for charity projects helps support good causes. The latest tools have been built to support mental health and enhance society. The comic Relief and Paul Hamlyn Foundation renders tailored support to charities through digital solutions. 


The Tech for Good projects has emerged with the rising need for charities to leverage the technological advantage for better services. The ‘Explore’ program will help charities derive enhanced output and develop a robust user-led approach toward digitalized service delivery. Explore is a good funding initiative.

The Comic Relief and Paul Hamlyn Foundation funds the event ‘ Explore’ through CAST, a digital service design support partner. The Explore program is designed to train the charities with a learning program for 12 weeks to know the various digital services and how their usage will transform their lives. 

Explore allows the organizations to perform the following :

l Think of how to arrange funds for the work

l Develop a prototype that helps for future development

l Look at the critical suggestions for implementing a new idea

l Look at how a digital solution will be the best idea

l Recognize the need they are trying to address

The Victoria and Albert Museum has initiated the Nationals schools challenge to help students showcase their creativity and identity. One smart idea amongst them is the smartwatch wristband intended to reach safety when they walk alone. Another creative idea is to develop Jewellery from food waste. 


Ability Net recognizes the best tech for innovation. The beam is one among them which uses technology to crowdfund employment training for people who are homeless. It mainly focuses on the long-term goals of contributing to charities and helping homeless people to have work access. 

Beam’s attention to technology proves how contributions can change people’s lives prone to social criticism. Donations can significantly influence.

Fight calmness and peace for any abuse.

The AVA( Against Violence and Abuse) is developing a digital product for experiencing mental issues, sexual abuse, or domestic violence. The tools are designed to offer some good relieving tips about meditation. As a result, people who have experienced abuse will be immediately relieved. 

Control one 

Digit Music has developed a Control One project that helps disabled people build music. This technology mainly aims to surpass the physical restrictions of developing music through a wheelchair to interact with the computer using a joystick.

The joystick movements are converted into music. The technology also connects with others through a kit for more music projects. This finds it apt for teachers with unique abilities to perform their duties in a classroom. The technology was built given beginners as well as experienced musicians having disabilities. Also, the kit finds it perfectly well for elders having mobility issues. 

The Wheelie 

The Wheelie is another technological advancement to offer support for people experiencing physical disabilities. Through this, you control a wheelchair using your facial expressions. 

The wheelchair, integrated with artificial intelligence, can capture facial expressions and convert them into real-time commands. This technology has about 99.9 percent accuracy and can be set within seven minutes on any wheelchair.

Having told about the digital technologies that charities can leverage, here is how charities can make most of the below technologies. 

Cloud technology:

Cloud technology such as VoIP for phones and applications helps minimize costs, maintenance, and downtime and even makes communicating with your supporters more effective. 

Microsoft teams and Cisco web ex platforms have enabled communication online to render secure connections and help them complete the team to collaborate on the common platform to save time and transfer important files and documents.

Opex (Operations expenditure )

Many charities are now using the Opex(operational expenditure) to pay for the tech without any upfront lump sum. Many services will enable it to scale up or down according to demand fluctuations. Ultimately, what matters is you are paying only for the utilized technology. 

The OpEx models help manage IT costs. An instance of OpEx is Software-as-a-Service. It helps you stay more flexible when using new software applications. SaaS enables staying up to date without the necessity of investing in a new package during an update. 

Conclusion :

The above explanation illustrates the importance of digital technology for a good cause. Physically challenged people can surpass their limitations with the digitalized tools in everyday life. Broadly, we have understood the impact of cloud technology and OpEx on charity organizations.

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