What are the steps to build a cloud-based SaaS application?



A SaaS cloud application is a service that provides a software solution to a specific need. The most successful SaaS apps offer a variety of features and functionality. They are designed to help customers make decisions. In addition to these, the most important feature of a SaaS cloud application is its ability to automate sales and customer relationship management processes.

The initial step to creating a cloud based SaaS solution is to assess the applications you have. This means creating an inventory of all applications and then evaluating whether they are suitable for cloud computing. If they are not, you may want to rewrite them for a Software as a Solution platform. There are many reasons for this, including security concerns, architecture requirements, expected growth, and hardware due for retirement. In any case, rewriting or moving the application to the cloud can bring immediate benefits.

Below are the detailed steps to be following while building a cloud-based SaaS application – 

Figure out the features customers need

Find a reliable cloud host to host your platform. A reliable cloud host will provide convenience for your users and enable you to scale your platform as it grows. A popular choice for a cloud-service provider and cloud-enabled software model is Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides several tools and services for SaaS developers. 

Identify the target market

A market analysis should be done to understand your target audience and determine the features they’ll need. Using feedback to develop your SaaS platform will help you ensure your success. You’ll also need to hire dedicated developers for your project. Once you’ve found the right team, create a roadmap and stick to it. Remember, your product needs to meet your audience’s criteria and build a platform that will suit their needs.

Conduct market research

Conducting a market study will help you determine your target audience and their needs. It will also help you determine where your product can differentiate itself from your competitors. Once you have identified your target audience, you need to determine the type of product, consider the features and benefits it offers. A SaaS cloud application can address any potential customers’ problems with their current product. 

Determine your core value proposition

Ideally, your Software-as-a-Solution cloud application should have a high user base and be profitable. In this step, you should create a business plan to validate your hypotheses about the demand for your product. Without validating demand, you could be wasting time and money on an app you don’t need.

Select a platform that will work for your particular business needs

Choose the platform based on your specific requirements, also considering the size of your company. A SaaS cloud application is the right choice for most businesses. The right software platform will make your app more flexible and responsive to your customers.

Prepare a marketing strategy

Once you’ve chosen a platform and started building your SaaS cloud application, you need to create a marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy should include social media, content marketing with a subscription model. Ultimately, your pricing strategy should be based on how you plan to monetize your SaaS product. 

Choose a name for your SaaS cloud application

A good title should be easy to remember and memorable. The product should be unique and have top-notch customer support. Moreover, it should be constantly updated to remain competitive. With SaaS, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or introducing new features every now and then. It will be easy for your clients and investors to recognize your product.


Building a SaaS application is a demanding operation. You need to make sure that your app meets regulatory requirements, and this is done by ensuring that all the software features and processes are consistent. Decide on the type of cloud-based SaaS application you are developing. Most cloud-based applications are SaaS, which means they are scalable and flexible. This is a crucial part of the process. You must continue updating and improving your service to keep your customers happy. You should also make sure that you are able to offer continual support to your users. 

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